Steve McManaman Discusses Michael Edwards’ Potential Return to Liverpool in Different Capacity

As Liverpool seeks to fill the void left by Julian Ward’s departure and address the impending end of Jorg Schmadtke’s short-term consultancy, the focus turns to finding a new Sporting Director, with Michael Edwards’ name resurfacing as a potential candidate.

Speaking on the Blood Red Podcast, Steve McManaman shared insights into his recent conversation with Edwards, who happens to be his neighbor. While McManaman hasn’t received confirmation regarding Edwards’ return to Liverpool, he speculates that a comeback in his previous role as Sporting Director might not be feasible.

McManaman expressed support for the idea of bringing Edwards back but acknowledged uncertainties surrounding the specifics of his potential role. He suggested that Edwards may have evolved beyond the position of Sporting Director and could be considering alternative capacities within the club.

Despite the positive aspect of Edwards still residing in the vicinity, it appears unlikely that he would rejoin Liverpool in the same role he previously held. Edwards’ decision to depart the club signaled his desire for a new professional chapter, making a return in the same capacity a backward step.

While the possibility of Edwards working with Liverpool again remains uncertain, it seems plausible only if it involves a different role or consultancy basis.

The situation surrounding Edwards’ potential return adds an intriguing dimension to Liverpool’s ongoing managerial and backroom restructuring efforts, making it a development worth monitoring in the coming days.

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