Alexis Mac Allister Credits Mohamed Salah for Liverpool Adaptation

Since his arrival at Liverpool, Alexis Mac Allister has proven to be an exceptional addition to the squad, showcasing his talent and adaptability on the field. Signed for a modest fee of £35 million from Brighton last summer, the Argentine midfielder has swiftly justified the investment, earning plaudits for his performances.

Renowned for his game intelligence, Mac Allister attributes part of his success to a valuable piece of advice from none other than Mohamed Salah. In an intimate glimpse into his life off the pitch, Mac Allister revealed to LFCTV’s Rubi Deschamps the influence Salah had on his training attire choices.

Recalling a moment during a cold January training session, Mac Allister explained, “When I was at Brighton, I used to wear trousers for training. Then I came here, and I remember against Sheffield United, we went out to do the warm-up, and I was wearing a hat and trousers, and Mo Salah told me, ‘What are you doing?! Why do you wear that?!’ So, since that day, I never wore trousers again. Only because of Mo!”

This anecdote not only illustrates Salah’s leadership within the team but also highlights Mac Allister’s willingness to learn and adapt to his new environment. Embracing Liverpool’s culture with enthusiasm, Mac Allister humorously declares himself “a Scouser now” as he confidently sports short-sleeved attire even in chilly weather.

Mac Allister’s seamless integration into the Liverpool setup reflects his genuine appreciation for the club and its values. His rapid adaptation and on-field leadership suggest a promising future at Anfield, with the potential to become a stalwart for years to come.

Ultimately, Mac Allister’s anecdote serves as a testament to the invaluable camaraderie and mentorship within the Liverpool squad, where even the smallest gestures can leave a lasting impact on a player’s journey to success. And as Mac Allister’s story demonstrates, when Salah speaks, it’s wise to listen.

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