Pinnacle Review

Pinnacle Sports bookmaker summary information table

Pinnacle was established in 1998, and it has always had a reputation for keeping things simple. It has a gaming license with the Malta Gaming Authority.

Pinnacle used to have a solid reputation of welcoming sharp bettors, but that has since changed. This is very uncommon in the online betting industry. It might seem unfair that sports betting sites can close a player’s account simply because they’re winning, but it’s perfectly legal. Much like an insurance company can choose not to cover an asset, sportsbooks can refuse to accept your bets. Risk management is a large part of the online sports betting business, and most companies want nothing to do with sharp players.




Curacao, Netherlands Antilles


Email service only


Date established:


Service Hours:

Bets accepted 24/7

Pinnacle does not have a sign-up bonus and does very little in ongoing promotions or advertising. The reason that most companies offer bonuses is to encourage prospective customers to choose them over the competition. Pinnacle relies on its longstanding reputation and its global footprint of being offered in over 100 countries to keep them in business.

In today’s market, people are looking for more from sportsbooks in the promotional aspect. There are far more casual bettors than we have ever seen, and sportsbooks are creating fun and interactive ways to keep bettors engaged in games, from unique props to parlays. Pinnacle is severely lacking against the competition in this aspect.

Due to the amount of customers Pinnacle has in different markets, some of the deposit methods will depend on the jurisdiction and currency you use when opening an account.

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